HE LOVED ME based on Romans 8:35-39

words and music by Tom Fettke  &  Doug Holck

He chose me --- be-fore the world was known.

He chose me --- to be His very own.

He made me, then let me choose my way.

I chose to move a-way.

He loved me --- when hope had tak-en wing.

He loved me --- when I lost ev-'ry-thing.

He bought me, redemp-tion's work was done

though Jesus Christ, His Son.


Who-- shall sep-a-rate me from the love of God?

Shall dreams of to-mor-row,

pain, or sor-row,

Can the need of food or earth-ly pos-sess-ions,

the threat of war or man's op-pres-sion?

In all these things

vic-t'ry is our reward.

Vic-t'ry is our reward though Jesus Christ, our Lord.


#Of this I am sure,

that neither death, nor life,

nor angels, nor prin-ci-pal-i-ties,

nor pow-ers, nor things pres-ent,

nor things to come---


Not height, nor depth,

nor any crea-ture

Shall sep-a-rate me from the love of God.#

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.